Homemade Whipped Cream

So, I discovered a recipe for whipped cream that has no dairy, eggs & is gluten free. I saw it on a popular social media site awhile ago. One day while working on desserts for my cookbook, I revisited the idea of a homemade whipped cream that followed the criteria of being g-free & vegan. I needed it to be easy, and I decided to give it a shot. It’s super easy, but took a little time on my part. The ingredients may seem strange, but it was quite delicious & simple! There are only 2 ingredients as well! Hope you’ll enjoy it!


Reserved liquid from a can of chickpeas (weird, but just wait!)

Equal parts sugar

Optional: Add a tsp. of vanilla extract, or any extract to add a punch of flavor!


1) Pour reserved liquid from chickpeas into a bowl (not too wide-it makes a difference). Mine came to 1 cup.

2) Pour in equal amounts of sugar (raw preferable) (again, mine was 1 cup).

3) Put in a tsp. of extract of your choice, if you wish.

4) Now, whip on medium setting with a hand mixer for about 15-20 minutes (I know, tiring, so maybe ask for a second set of hands to relieve you for a little 😉 ). It’s done when there are soft peaks forming.

5) Voila! Refrigerate til use. It tastes & looks like whipped cream! It’s Fantastic! Enjoy!

What did you think of this recipe?

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