Setting a table should be simple & comfortable, even when it’s an elegant table. Less is always more! I particularly love setting tables for the holidays, as well as in the summer, for intimate gatherings with family & friends.

While writing my cookbook & having friends over for taste-testings, I’ve been enjoying setting the tables – bringing in my love for decorating! It’s the perfect combination of cooking, decorating & hosting!
Napkins designed by my son. I Love them, Jake! Thank you!! ☺

Napkins, designed by my son, and rosemary & thyme from the garden in the cloth napkin, with sage around the centerpiece:

Have fun with it & do not stress over it! Always set hours ahead of your gathering or even overnight if you can. You can take your time at it & have fun, plus it takes the stress out of it for the next day! I usually play music that sets the moods I’m trying to portray while decorating, so the creativity really flows! I always add music to the background while hosting as well. It’s relaxing, and again, sets the mood. Sometimes it transports you to another place!

Here’s one recent table setting while having a tasting with my family for a Rustic Italian Dinner (and yes, there was authentic Italian music playing! I am part
Italian! 🙂 )

Another taste-testing for the new cookbook ready to begin! I like the wrinkled look to the tablecloth. Italian menu tonight.
 I left the tablecloth wrinkled, because I liked the rustic look of it.


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