Zucchini Time!!

This is the time of year where the zucchini are plentiful in the garden, so I wanted to share a yummy recipe with you that is vegan & g-free! I call it the Zucchini Bake. Hope you enjoy it! It’s delicious!!


2-3 zucchini (depending on size) (I used 1 enormous one recently that my neighbor gave to me-I needed 2 dishes :)!!!)

olive oil

garlic salt

ground black pepper

g-free bread crumbs

vegan Parmesan


1) Slice zucchini into thin slices. Arrange in a large round (or square- your preference) dish. With each layer around dish pour a little olive oil over it & sprinkle: garlic salt, ground black pepper, g-free bread crumbs & vegan Parmesan cheese. Repeat process until zucchini is gone.

2) Bake for 25 minutes or until bread crumbs are crispy & zucchini is soft, in oven @ 350 degrees. Poke with a fork to test. If the fork goes through easily, it’s done! It is sooo good!!!

  • You can even intermingle zucchini & yellow summer squash if you wish (also very good) & really try any variety! The possibilities are endless!

When you make this, let me know what combination you’ve tried! Any ideas to add to this?

I Love that this is a simple summer recipe that absolutely rocks!!

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