Chocolate Tofu Pudding

My family & I enjoy this recipe for dessert  a lot! It’s so quick & simple to make & is a nice light dessert that is a little decadent too! Enjoy!


2 pkgs. of silken tofu

1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

1/2 cup real maple syrup

1 TBSP vanilla extract

chocolate mint or regular fresh mint  (for topping)

sliced strawberries (one or two for topping)

dark chocolate bar (for shavings on top)

*Optional: reserved aquafaba (whipped topping made from chickpea liquid – Look for this recipe here on this site! 🙂


  1. In a blender, mix together all of the ingredients, except for aquafaba, mint, strawberries & dark chocolate, until all smooth.
  2. Pour into pretty glasses or dessert cups.
  3. Top with a dollop of aquafaba, then strawberries, followed by chocolate shavings & a couple of leaves of mint. (Make sure to rinse mint before)

I grow chocolate mint & spearmint in my garden. I highly recommend it! A word of warning: they grow aggressively, spread & may even pop up in another part of your garden all of a sudden, but it is so fragrant when you brush the leaves & I use them quite often in recipes. They do help aid in indigestion & are a breath freshener as well!  They’re inexpensive to grow & they’re perennial!!

Chocolate Tofu pudding with strawberries & dark chocolate shavings

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  1. Ahh yes I have seen tofu with chocolate a number of times now and have heard good things about it. Looks great (:


    1. ginasgfreevegankitchen says:

      Thank you!Hope you try it sometime! Let me know what you think! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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