Faux Pumpkin Craft

 I LOVE CRAFTING!!! I had these faux Styrofoam pumpkins from the dollar store from last year & they were way too orange-y and I like the Cottage/Farmhouse look, so I decided to paint them & make them more that style. I only needed the materials I had on hand in the house to give them a different look.

Materials needed:

Faux Styrofoam pumpkins from the dollar store

white paint

black paint

gray paint (or mix the white & black to make gray)

brown paint

varying sizes of paint brushes

paper plate to put paint on


cups of water (to rinse in between & to water down paint at times)

newspaper or other material that can get paint on it to protect surface


  1. Prepare your surface & gather all materials. Put water in cups for rinsing in between. Wear paint clothes.
  2. Paint with a bigger brush — white all over most of the pumpkin, except the bottom. Ans some in gray, if you wish, (I did 2 in white & 2 in gray). Let dry.
  3. After ten minutes, paint bottom. Let dry.
  4. In creases, paint with watered down gray or brown & wipe away lightly.
  5. Any touch ups?
  6. Put pumpkins outside on newspaper or in a deep sink & dip large craft paintbrush in black & fan out to splatter specks on pumpkins (not too much). Be careful not to get paint everywhere.
  7. Dry for ten minutes.
  8. Paint stems on pumpkins black or brown.
  9. Any touch ups? After they dried for about an hour or so, they are ready to be placed where you want them. Check to make sure they’re dry.

Happy Autumn!!

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