Holiday Hot Cocoa/Coffee/Tea Bar


Day 2: Today I worked on the holiday cocoa/coffee/tea bar. I have a cocoa machine, but there was no room to display it and would’ve been too cluttered, so I’ll take it out when it’s time to make it. It was so great to set it up for the season. I have it set up yearly, but I love to change it with the seasons & the holidays. I wanted to keep it simple with the decor. Rule of them when decorating: After you think you’ve finished, deduct items. There’s always more clutter than you think & minimalizing just helps it all come together. Always edit. I may even edit what I have now again. I’m always changing my decor. Don’t be afraid to do that. Have fun decorating. Another bit of advice: Decorate for you, not for others. Be comfortable in your space. You live there. Enjoy your home.

You can make any space, even a small corner of your home a coffee/cocoa bar. Enjoy!

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  1. Paul C says:

    This looks so inviting!! Makes me want to pour a hot cup and sit with a book.

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    1. Gina says:

      Thank you, Paul! ☺️☕


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