Crafting ❤


Today I felt like crafting, so I made this Valentine art project. I really enjoyed creating this! It was fun & easy to make.

Items needed:

Thin canvas (8″ x 10″)

Red construction paper


Red sharpie



Gingham fabric

Hot glue gun & glue sticks for it

* Be careful with the hot glue gun – it’s very hot & can be dangerous)

Rustic wood frame (8″ x 10″)

Glazier point with a putty knife


1) Heat glue gun with glue stick. Set aside on a table that won’t get ruined, as it can drip hot glue from it as it heats up.

2) Fold red construction paper in half & trace half a heart. Cut along line. Unfold paper. Put heart aside. In your best cursive, trace the word “Love” in bubble form in pencil. Very carefully, cut out word & very gently, erase pencil marks. Set aside.

3) Cut gingham fabric slightly larger than the thin canvas & stretch over canvas. Hot glue with extra fabric hooked around to back. Stretch on one side, fabric hooked around to back & hot glue. Pull down stretching fabric the long way on bottom, hooked around to back & hot glue. Stretch last of fabric on last side hooked around to back & hot glue what’s left. On corners, tuck a half triangle & hot glue down.

4) With regular glue, glue heart to middle of ginghamed canvas, then glue the word “Love” to bottom of canvas.

5) After glue has dried, place finished canvas in frame. Once in fame, carefully use the hooks to keep closed in back. You may need a glazier point or two give that extra seal to keep from popping out.

Have Fun Creating!!

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  1. Paul C says:


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    1. Gina says:

      Thank you Paul! ☺️


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