Decoupage Bunnies

Easter is coming!!! I am so ridiculously excited as it’s my favorite holiday!! I am looking forward to St. Patrick’s day as well, but I have been looking forward to Easter for months now! I had been looking for decorative bunnies to decorate for Easter & my daughter found these 2 ceramic ones at a Goodwill nearby. I was very excited & felt they were perfect for my craft project!! They were both purchased for $2 each & ready to be spruced up! Hope you like the end result. I enjoyed this relaxing craft.

Materials needed:

Mod Podge

Foam brush

Lots of newspaper (for ripping into strips*, & some more for laying down to make easier clean – up, it’s messy!)

Item you wish to Decoupage

1) Rip strips of newspaper or whatever paper you prefer.

*Make sure the paper is something nice that you don’t mind seeing on your project & if it is newspaper, make sure it’s something you don’t mind what’s written on the print. Others may read it! 😉. (I used the Home & Garden section of my Sunday paper.)

2) Dip foam brush into Mod Podge & brush adhesive onto back of strip. Place onto object that you’re doing, brush more Mod Podge on top. Use fingers to smooth out bumps & get into corners & crevices. Repeat everywhere til done. Let dry for 1-2 hours.

3) Brush on another layer (lightly) of more Mod Podge to seal it. Let dry another 1-2 hours.

**Wash your hands constantly as it is a very sticky project, but fun! I absolutely love the results! Hope you do too! Enjoy! 🐇🐰😃

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Paul C says:

    Cool idea! I like taking an item that was cast aside or perhaps not looking it’s best, and giving it new life! These bunnies are adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gina says:

      Thank you Paul! I like that too! It’s always nice to give something old or out of date, new life! Thank you very much! 😃


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