Monday’s Happenings

Hi Everyone! I’m trying out a new concept of having a post every Monday on Monday’s happenings for the week, a “what the weekend was like” or whatever projects are going on at Gina’s Cottage in New England for the week. Hope you enjoy this new weekly post. Please feel free to drop in a line to say hi, talk about what you’re up to, or any projects that you’re undertaking that you’d like to share or to ask any question and I will do my best to answer them. Just a little bit about myself: I’m a Mom and Housewife, Blogger, first time cookbook writer (out soon-stay tuned) and Interior Decorator. I will be talking about decor projects, decorating solutions, making crafts, recipes for cooking or baking, and some inspo from Nature on occasion. Hope you enjoy! Would love to see you there!! 🙂

Two Months ago Monday Happenings:

I had reorganized my pantry closet in my kitchen temporarily & had made some plans to build a better system, as well as cleaned & organized under the kitchen sink.

Two months ago, we had some bizarre weather here in New England! A week or so before this event, I was barefoot in the backyard embracing the new Spring weather and enjoying the vitamin D entering my pores and making plans for the garden this year, and 2 days later with what was supposed to be a light dusting of snow & then clearing in the late afternoon, turned to full on snow with about a covering of 5″ on the ground & my son was shoveling the driveway! Crazy weather always here, but I tend to embrace the ever-changing environment surrounding me as much as possible. Then there we were 2 days later, the snow was completely gone and I was barefoot once again in the backyard! The garden plans began again.

Spring is one of my favorite seasons of the year with it’s renewal & re-emergence of flower buds, green grass, and the buzzing of the friendly bumble bee! I am seeing the beauty around me starting to emerge with flowers & greener grass, leaf buds appearing on the trees and bushes & the mourning dove calling to the Earth. I love to see the birds nesting and preparing for their babies to appear in the world and enjoying being outside more often, as well as longer days ahead. Happy Spring!!

May, a week before Memorial Day:

It’s been a busy time here at the cottage with repairs and garden work, opening the pool, decorating for summer and watching the flowers appear! I’ve been planting my veggies in stages and rotating the garden beds. This is such an exciting time of the year!! The weather has been like mid-late summer here in New England, but nice to be outside!

How’s the weather where you are? How are you preparing for the Summer?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. cheapdad says:

    Spring is such an exciting and busy time! Beautiful lilacs!! Enjoy the season!!


  2. Gina says:

    It sure is! Thank you!! Enjoy the season as well!! ☺️


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