Dream realized


The Day is here!! Thank you to everyone who has supported me and sent me messages of love and support, wishing good things!! I cannot express enough just how special you’ve made me feel and how much I appreciate all of your kind words!!

My ebook Plant-Based Living for the Gluten-Free Cook is out today on Amazon!

It has been quite a roller coaster journey of some set backs, changes to the book, and unexpected delays, but with that came wonderful lessons, memories made, a more defined path of where to take the book and wonderful friendships made along the way. The paperback should be released soon as well, and I will keep you guys posted on that development!!

My Food Stylist/Photographer, Rachel Cournoyer, is a friend I’ve known since grammar school who is very talented. When I brought up the idea of writing a cookbook, she encouraged me & offered to do the photography. At the time of start from concept to final submission, Rachel has traveled, helped style and tested recipes with me to see this project to fruition! When beginning this project, Rachel lived in Boston, which was over an hour away from where I lived and didn’t own a vehicle. She would rent a car to visit and use the time to visit with her family as well. When in the final stages of creating and taking photos and some more photos were needed, Rachel provided more of her time. This journey took slightly over 4 years! To say she’s been an amazing friend is an understatement. She had another job at the time on top of being a photographer and spent extra hours of her free time to edit and send me the photos. I cannot thank her enough!

My daughter’s boyfriend, Timothy Reddington is an IT guy but is a local photographer on the side, doing more of people photography. He came aboard in this past year to take my personal photos for the book. I really don’t enjoy taking personal photos, but he helped make it a fun process and I was able to have time with my daughter who worked as his wonderful assistant! They both had me feeling completely at ease and enjoying the process! It was nice to see Tim and Amanda work together!

Speaking of my daughter, Amanda has helped steer me in my direction of well being as her career and lifestyle have helped guide me in a more healthy and sustainable direction. It has helped me find more answers into my health issues and I’ve also had a deeper connection to nature because of her teaching me more about gardening, especially Permaculture, and cooking more Farm-to Table. I am very grateful for that!

My son, Jacob has been the reason I could finalize this project! His motivational skills are top notch and his knowledge of computers has helped more than he knows!! He has helped me edit this book and helped with the copyright process and finally the publishing process! His attitude has been stellar as well! He has helped me stay positive and patient.

My husband, Paul has been my cheering section and helper when I’d be too exhausted to do anything else while working on this book. I am so blessed to have this man in my life. He is truly my best friend and confidante.

I am so grateful to everyone who has helped me see my dream fulfilled and to all of the excitement of family, friends and community! Thank you so much.

Follow your dreams. The journey may have some bumps along the way, but it is so rewarding when it is realized. The lessons & wisdom you learn on the path to completion are worth it. Be patient and kind to yourself. Don’t give up. Love to all.

Find my Kindle e-cookbook here!

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