Lunch with a Dear friend

After a long time of being careful and staying away from crowds and too many public places, I was happy to be out to lunch with my friend and food stylist/photographer on my new cookbook, Rachel Cournoyer. We had lunch in a quaint little town nearby in a cute coffee house. It was so nice to catch up with my friend again.

I had received lovely flowers today. They were just the sunshine needed since it’s been raining a ton lately! Thank you to my dear friend!

This week calls for more rain, ugh, but some warmer temps. Oh the humidity!!During this time, I’m seeing the garden flourishing and have been enjoying the vegetables, fruit and herbs from the gardens. As I’ve been harvesting, I’ve been working on some new recipes that I’ll be posting in the blog this Summer and into the Fall. Keep a lookout for some recipes to come!

Coming soon to Amazon (in paperback): Available now as an ebook:

Plant-Based Living for the Gluten-Free Cook

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