This past week I was visiting family in Ohio. We drove overnight and arrived early in the morning. I hadn’t seen my siblings for 4 years and it was so nice to see everyone finally. They had built a home 2 years ago and it was so nice to finally see their home too! As is our family tradition, we all gathered around the karaoke machine and began the old tradition of singing, even some stand up comedy ensued. So many laughs and fun times! I hadn’t heard my niece, Lola sing in quite some time and I was baffled by how her voice had gotten so professional-sounding. There was not a dry eye as she regaled us with her beautiful talent. I could’ve listened to her all weekend!

My brother and sister-in-law’s sweet dog Ruby

As always, my brother and sister-in-law were fantastic hosts. We had delicious food (my brother is a fantastic cook) and went on an adventure to a place called, “Jungle Jim’s”. This market is a mini mall of fun displays, restaurants, a bar with a television playing local sports, a candy shop, tons of groceries from countries around the world. They had a huge gluten free section! There were selections that I usually can’t find back home, and I usually have to order online. So, I was pretty excited!

My niece singing for us
My son relaxing
The hubby
My Niece’s hanging out
Jungle Jim’s
My son, nephew and sister-in-law
My husband and son
My father, brother-in-law and sister
My sister-in-law and brother

That same evening we went out to eat at Little Miami Brewing. We had a delicious gluten free (cauliflower crust) pizza and there was a fantastic singer who played old classic rock songs. We got to sit around talking, eating delicious food and sang aloud with the whole gang to these great classic tunes. It was so nice to be with my fun family.

My Nieces

We were hoping to get on my brother’s boat for the day, but the heat was just too much! I remember being surprised about the cooler, Fall-like temperatures in July this summer, and August sure is going strong with the summer heat!! Phew!! Now it feels like summer!!

One of the moments my husband, son and I enjoyed this weekend was sitting out on my brother’s upper deck watching the geese fly and land in the pond in their backyard. It was so peaceful with the whooshing sound and their “speaking” to each other. It was so peaceful in the mornings and evenings sitting out there. (forgot to take pictures, ugh)

On the second to last night we were there, we were thoroughly entertained by my son and nephew both playing guitar and on occasion, myself or my niece singing along with them. To listen to them play so beautifully and love the same type of music, was probably my favorite part of this vacation! They’re young adults now, and to see them all grown up and become such sweet gentlemen is beautiful!! They are such great and super talented young men! I couldn’t be more proud!! We were all treated to a special jamming session, a private concert, if you will.

This trip has given me wonderful memories that I will treasure for a very long time. I don’t know when I’ll be able to visit again, so I am so glad we were able to visit before my son heads back to college for another year.

On our travels, we had made snacks ahead of time and had bought some snacks from Thrive Market weeks before. Two of the snacks we had made which held us over well, were protein balls and homemade chocolate. The snacks were recipes from a cookbook that I love, Hannah Aylward’s cookbook, “Recipes for a Healthy Gut”. I love this cookbook. Hannah is a holistic health consultant and has a fantastic program that really helps repair your gut and get your hormones in check and has wonderful, satisfying and delicious recipes. If you’re looking to repair your gut and find some healthy satisfying recipes, check her out! She’s on Instagram. She’s a very dedicated consultant. She has changed my health for the better. I am not paid by Hannah or asked to advertise, but I believe in giving a shout out to those people who help others and are worthy of praise. She is that person.

We did some fabulous shopping in Milford, Ohio at some cute little shops in the adorable quaint town. We went to a sweet shop named “Primitive Blessings” that sold candles, and decor. So cute! Reminded me of home. We also discovered a neat record store called “Earworm” that my son loved and picked up a few cheap CD’s & an album.

Some of the great finds in “Primitive Blessings” shop: A beautiful spray and cotton stick for vase filler or tabletop arrangement, mini velvet pumpkins, a wax warmer cake, and some beautiful starfish. Had Fall decor in mind but still have summer on the brain too.

Have a Marvelous rest of the week!!! Hope you’re enjoying your last weeks of summer!!

My father collects and restores cars for fun. These are some of his latest ones.

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  1. cheapdad says:

    This was a wonderful trip spend time with family that we don’t get to see very often. It was so much fun!!

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    1. Gina says:

      I agree!! 😊❤️

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