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Happy Friday everyone!!

Today I was putting out some Halloween decor on the porch & changing things up, as well as adding some indoor Halloween decor around the house & crafted this little decor item with some items around the house. Awhile ago, I had purchased these small square vases from the dollar tree and had a random cream colored small pillar candle laying around, as well as ribbon and figured, “I’ll make a little something for my kitchen counter! I’m creating a few items of decor for today. Hope you enjoy!! I’ll be posting some crafting and decorating ideas from time to time.

Materials needed:

clear glass small square vase from Dollar Tree

popcorn seeds to fill vase halfway

black ribbon (I had some laying around the house)

small bow, optional. I had an already tied bow made in a burlap-like material that I had taken off of something and kept awhile back.

hot glue gun with glue stick (Be careful-I’ve been known to get seriously burned, they are super hot!)

small pillar candle from Dollar tree or anywhere you’d like (Mine was laying around the house, not sure where it was from, but they do sell these at Dollar Tree too). I used a cream color.


  1. Wrap the black ribbon around the vase & knot it, enough of the ribbon to leave some excess hanging. Trim if you need to. Don’t let the ribbon hang past the glass to prevent it from being a fall hazard. Hot glue a dot on back part of ribbon to the glass to keep it from moving. Hot glue the bow to middle knot. Press & hold for a few seconds. Be careful not to burn yourself!
  2. Pour popcorn seeds halfway into square vase. Place candle inside, squish down to keep it sturdy. These seeds will no longer be edible after this project. Super cute & cheap project to display as Fall decor!!
No need to get fancy with the tying
Voila! Look how quick & easy!!

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  1. cheapdad says:

    Cool! And inexpensive! 🙂

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    1. Gina says:

      Thank you!😊

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