Mindful Monday

Over the past few days, I have experienced migraines worse than I have ever felt and a ton of sinus pressure. I live in New England and the weather is temperamental at best most days. Lately, with the changes in temperature from early to mid-Fall, especially with the dropping temps and frost overnight, it has been difficult to say the least on my overall health. After speaking to my niece who is a nurse and doing some research on my own, I have steered toward a low-histamine diet and discovered I had been eating high- histamine producing foods. That histamine response can cause migraines and sometimes even allergic responses, among many other symptoms. Over the past couple of days, I have been eating this way and feeling much better.

I’ll admit, I have an immense love for dark chocolate, and not being able to enjoy this delicious concoction has been upsetting. I’ll be researching more on how I can still enjoy it on occasion without after-effects, if possible. In the meantime, I am, much to my chagrin, avoiding it as well as other high-histamine foods. There are great sources and articles on google searches. Another great help to me has been the holistic health field. I have met amazing experts through this field and they have helped me tremendously! One of the people I have discovered who has helped me a ton, is Hannah Aylward. She is a holistic health consultant and can be found on Instagram. She answers questions constantly and is always there for guidance. She has paid programs that have done wonders for me and can help you find other experts in the field that can help further. I have taken her 2 courses and they have changed me for the better. I am still learning as I go along, but she has made a huge difference. I highly recommend seeking her out if you feel you need answers with health concerns. She specializes in gut health and how it affects just about everything, and the gut-brain connection. I am not paid to endorse her, I just really believe in speaking for someone who helps others and has the ability to.

Other things that have helped me during this time is rest rest rest. Getting adequate sleep (about 7-8 hours on average) and trying to remain stress-free by journaling every morning as well as taking time to “just be” and not watch tv, step away from technology, and sit and breathe. Taking walks in nature has helped a lot as well. Having talks with my sweet hubby and being able to release any stress I’ve been feeling has helped tremendously! Not overwhelming my schedule & taking a bit more “me-time” has made a very big positive difference as well. Hope these help you. They seem quite basic, but make a major difference.

For breakfast today, I had a low-histamine breakfast. This is what it consisted of:

Roasted sweet potatoes with roasted chopped pecans in olive oil and pink himalayan salt

Fried eggs in coconut oil with oregano, paprika, turmeric. pink himalayan salt & ground pepper

pineapple chunks

ginger root and honey tea

  • The sweet potatoes are roasted for 30 minutes in olive oil and pink salt, and in the last 5 minutes, add chopped pecans to pan & spread around
  • The eggs were fried on a griddle. You don’t want to pan fry them.
  • Cut a fresh pineapple into chunks. Make sure it’s ripe so it’s nice and sweet and easier to chew. The fruit should be very yellow, not white in color.
  • The fresh ginger is peeled and cut into slices. Add a teaspoon of raw, organic honey to mug with the ginger and after adding boiling water, steep for 10 minutes and enjoy.

Sunday, we went to the Harvest Home Fall Festival at the Community Harvest Project Farm where my daughter is a Coordinator and one of the head Farm workers and had a wonderful time! One of the fun things to do was ride along on a hay ride driven on a tractor by my daughter. I was beaming with pride at what wonderful things everyone had to say about her!! Very Proud Mom here!!

An old tractor on display
Tractor ride: my daughter driving! 🥰She did a wonderful job!!
This fabulous hard-working woman is my daughter, Amanda

Amanda talking with her Dad, my husband, Paul

Looking for Gift idea for Christmas?: Try my new Cookbook: “Plant Based Living for the Gluten Free Cook” or my husband’s book: “In the Orchard” by Paul Carrier

Have a Great week!! 🤗

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  1. cheapdad says:

    What a great time at the Harvest Festival!! I’m so glad you are starting to feel better. I’m excited to be on this low histamine diet and am hoping it helps my allergy symptoms. Btw, the sweet potatoes with pecans were DELICIOUS!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gina says:

      Thank you, Sweet Hubby!! XO ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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