The Days after Christmas πŸŽ„

Happy Christmas week! Hoping you all had a Wonderful Christmas & are enjoying the Holiday season! Every year, I’m amazed at how quickly the day comes and goes, but it’s always left me with lovely memories to cherish. This year was again quiet and also I wasn’t feeling my best as my digestive issues as well as other health issues have surfaced. I have had to readjust my diet again, and needed some healing time. Luckily, despite this, I was able to enjoy the holiday with my children, husband & daughter’s boyfriend along with our dog, Bella. I did get to speak to my extended family and friends through phone calls and messages and it was nice to catch up. This will be a relaxing week for me and I’ll be enjoying some of my new gifts and Christmas decor for a bit longer and preparing for our quiet New Year’s Eve here at home. I much prefer being at home on New Year’s anyway. We decided this year for New Year’s Eve, we would change some of our traditions concerning the food and have opted for appetizers and a different dessert than usual. Our menu this year consists of:

Lentil meatballs with marinara sauce

Cauliflower bites

Vegan Parmesan roasted potatoes

veggies and rice california rolls


vegan spinach and artichoke dip with tortilla chips

mango salsa

deviled eggs


candied nuts

marble bundt cake with chocolate ganache

flavored seltzers

champagne for toasting the New Year

  • everything on the menu will be gluten free and vegan except for the deviled eggs

Today, on my almost daily walk, I was thinking back on the year and looking ahead to the new year to come and thinking of the things I’d like to accomplish this coming year. I will be taking better care of myself and my health, working on eliminating stress, venturing back into more with interior decor, organizing my home more, writing more, and most importantly, taking more time for myself & with those I love and care about. What are some of your plans for the new year and New Year’s Eve? I hope that we all remain healthy and safe.

Christmas morning
Later that day
First course

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  1. cheapdad says:

    After this terrific Christmas, I’m looking forward to a wonderful New Year!!

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    1. Gina says:

      ❀️❀️❀️❀️Me too!!

      Liked by 1 person

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