A New Year


2022!! I am so ready for this new year and fresh new view! This was a rough year for sure. Truthfully… it’s been a rough few years!! I have resigned myself to relaxing more and taking even better care of myself and my family. What that means for us, is relearning and practicing more of the healthy habits that I’ve learned over the course of these last few years and reapplying them to our lives, but breaking it down more so as to pay attention more and make them serious habits. For example: this week, we’re relearning as a family how to better support the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is very important to allow better gut and nervous system function. It allows the gut-brain connection to function effectively. Having a healthy and well-working vagus nerve can improve pain, promote better digestion, and help with depression and anxiety. It is essentially the foundation for a healthier you! There are many routines for supporting & improving the vagus nerve, like: laughing heartily, engaging in happy, relaxing, and stress-reducing exercise, gargling several times a day, singing out loud, and meditating, among many other ideas. If you Google “ways to improve your vagus nerve”, you’ll get wonderful ideas! So this week, we’re focusing on strengthening our vagus nerves! This has been a wonderful time for my husband, son & I, and for my daughter when she visits too ā€“ a time for laughter and dancing around! We love to meditate and take lovely walks on our beautiful trail at home. I gargle every morning, along with tongue scraping, then I brush my teeth and wash my face. It sets the tone for the entire day! I always make my bed before I leave my bedroom so it starts the day off right. There is almost always dancing and singing in the morning & a lovely daily walk. Hope these ideas help. Most importantly, do what makes you happy and try to find time in every day for yourself without technology or before you start work or chores. I’m trying to remember to journal daily as I know that can help start my day off right too, by releasing any stress or just writing down my thoughts or hopes & dreams. I often forget. Perhaps I’ll work on that more this year.

My way of eating has been changing a lot and I’ve decided to break ties with sugar completely, end my relationship with processed foods, from on occasion to not at all, and to take deep breaths regularly before meals to relax my digestion before consuming food. It’s helped tremendously!

This past New Year’s was relaxing and fun with my son and husband and we are ready for 2022!! Hope you all had a lovely celebration yourselves and have a beautiful and safe, healthy year ahead!!

My fun kids goofing off when my daughter came to visit šŸ¤£
Fun night
Our “Photo booth” in our almost finished basement
Our winter look to the coffee bar

As fun as we had for New Year’s Eve and even if it was just the 3 of us at home, we still wanted to set the tone for the arrival of the New Year. We deep cleaned every room and put away some of the Christmas decor before the celebration began & we were exhausted after a long day! I am glad we cleaned & put some decor away, because the next day when the tree was taken down along with mostly the rest of the decor, it went much quicker and smoother. We still have our decor to take down and put away in the basement, but we’ll work on that this week. I do leave my village up for January. It’s fun and peaceful to watch the lit up village in the evenings. āœØ

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    Cheers to a healthy New Year!!

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