What a day this has been, what a rare mood I’m in…


Happy belated Valentine’s day to you all! Paul & I celebrated last evening with a night in enjoying a lovely baked macaroni and cheese dinner paired with a glass of rose’ and cherry pie for dessert. My Sweet hubby gifted me beautiful red roses, and a healing massage at a local spa along with some thoughtful spa treatment items for home. It’s been a rough few months for me with my auto-immune disease and I’ve had a lot of pain too lately, so this was a very sweet and thoughtful gift from him. We had similar thoughts as I gifted him some cozy things with a comfy robe and slippers. I had such a lovely romantic evening with my Love. Hope you all enjoyed a lovely day whether you celebrate it or not.

A Beautiful quiet night in with my husband 💗
Very messy pie (gluten free crusts can be temperamental sometimes), but delicious!

Paul and I have some big and small projects coming up in our home. We’ll be focusing on some small renovations, organization throughout our cottage home and big renovations in our kitchen, all on a strict budget. Stay tuned… there will be photos and updates soon.

Also, later this week, I’ll be taking down the Valentine’s decor and putting up my Irish decor. I celebrate being Irish all year long as I am a good part Irish, but the special decor goes up for St. Patrick’s day, as it’s special to my family. I have in more recent years, toned down a lot of my decor for all of the holidays, and am getting a bit more simplistic. Is anyone else doing the same? I’m feeling that I want less clutter now as I age and my children are now adults.

a little Valentine’s vignette in the master bedroom
Me and my Sweetheart 💞

I’m starting to get excited about Spring and am feeling the urge to do spring cleaning. I’ll be focusing on that in March due to all of our projects coming. Starting to think about preparing my garden too. I think this year we’ll be planting plants versus previous years starting with seeds. Just feeling it would be easier this year with our busy schedule. We have our favorites that we like to plant, and based upon availability, we like to try new veggies, herbs or fruits to plant. We’re thinking about what this year will hold, especially as our garden is changing. More to come with that in late spring and summer.

Lately, the weather here in New England has been very chilly with crazy wind gusts as well, so I really look forward to my early mornings & evenings sitting by the fire. Reading a book, playing scrabble or cards with my hubby by the fire has been nice too. How are you all staying warm this season? Or maybe you’re lucky to enjoy warmer temps where you are? I’m a warmer weather girl for sure, but really enjoy cozy moments by the fire all snuggled up with a soft blanket. I’m learning to live more in the moment. Hope you’re all staying warm! Have a Beautiful week everyone!!

P.S. Looking for a good book to get through the winter? My husband wrote a book, “In the Orchard” sold on Amazon. Check it out! ☺️ He’s writing his second book now! 😁

So Proud of Paul!!

Looking for a gluten free cookbook? Check out my cookbook also sold on Amazon, ” Plant Based Living for the Gluten Free Cook”

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    Here’s to enjoying the cozy moments while waiting for warmer weather!!

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