Chillier days


Good Morning everyone! Hope you’re all staying warm in these chillier days! The temps may be dropping, but our little cottage is cozy and warm and yep, I’m one of those people that’s already listening to Christmas music and I’m ok with it. 😀

A cozy fire this morning

I have my menu for Thanksgiving ready and I’ve been slowly shopping for the non-perishables and getting ready for our long day of cooking and baking with my family the day before. I’m getting excited to have some relaxing and fun time with my family. This year I have my mother, stepfather and father joining us, along with our daughter and boyfriend and us three at our home.

Some of the Autumnal Decor for Thanksgiving time:

We have a lovely week planned for the holiday celebrations. We’ll be picking out our Christmas tree 🎄 and decorating the tree and cottage, early shopping for Christmas, a bonfire evening and evenings of karaoking with the fam. We’ll be going on some hiking adventures and other adventures as well. It’ll be a wonderful time catching up with those we love. ❤️🦃🥧

Setting up the Christmas village early


Entrees and Side dishes:

Turkey and gravy

Tofurky and gravy

Gluten free and gluten rolls

Dill pickles, sweet gherkins,black and green olives

Homemade applesauce

Homemade Cranberry relish

Creamy whipped potatoes

Sweet potato casserole

Butternut squash

Gluten free stuffing

Broccoli and cheese bake

Sweet carrots

Green bean almondine

Garlic and herb corn


Cranberry jello mold (my mother makes it and it’s delicious!)

Desserts: (All homemade)

Chocolate pies (a secret family recipe that goes back at least 7 generations- not chocolate cream pie)

Pumpkin pie

Apple pie

Pecan pie

Ginger cookies (recipe here in my blog in a post from months ago)


Dairy free egg nog and dairy egg nog

Homemade mulled cider

Red and white wine and sparkling cider for toast at dinner

Just about everything is homemade although we are buying the rolls this year. We also buy the Tofurky (although we have made our own version in the past- too much work for Thanksgiving).

Redecorated our guest room in time for our guest (my father) for Thanksgiving on our last 2 YouTube videos. Check them out on our Brambleberry Cottage channel on YouTube!

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  1. cheapdad says:

    So excited for the holidays!!!!

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    1. Gina says:

      Me too!!! Eeepp!!!😀🎄

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