Preparing for Independence Day

This year, for the fourth, it’ll be a small celebration, but nice to have even a small group gathering again. I’ll be hosting a small BBQ celebration for my mother and stepfather, along with their new golden retriever, my daughter and her boyfriend, my hubby and me, and our son and dog. If the weather…

Summer Heat and Cookbook

The summer is off to a crazy start! It was a bit cooler than usual during the lead up to the official first day of summer and then we were hit with a heat wave including terrible air quality here in New England. Of course we have been making the very best of it. We…

Monday’s Happenings

Happy Monday!! How was everyone’s weekend? I had a very special weekend this past weekend! I celebrated my birthday with my family and the weather was lovely! Saturday, My husband, son and I shopped my favorite places! First we shopped at Home Goods and found some great beachy items and then stopped home for lunch….

Monday’s Happenings

Hello and Happy Monday!! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends! To all of the great dads out there, Happy Father’s day!! We celebrated one of the greatest dads this weekend, my husband, Paul. He’s the real deal. He’s a caring, loving, fun, silly and talented guy! He is always there for our children and for me….

Monday’s Happenings

Happy Monday everyone!! It’s a gloomy rainy day today and will be for a couple of days here in New England, so I’ll be focusing on household cleaning and organizing as well as getting some much needed rest and book reading in. My go-to books are usually anything by Sarah Addison Allen. Before the rain…


It’s that season where the days are hotter and longer and for me, after a long day working in the garden, I don’t really feel up to making a huge dinner or warming up my kitchen with the oven. The solution, besides cooking on the grill (which is also nice)? Gazpacho! There are different types,…

Monday’s Happenings

Hi Everyone! How was everyone’s weekend? It’s been very humid and quite hot in temperature here in New England. This past weekend, my husband, son and I enjoyed the outdoors, working in the garden, weeding, sitting on our new front patio and eating lunch on the back deck, as well as swimming in the pool….

Spinach and dairy free cheese quiche squares

These are a quick version of a quiche style entree in squares. They are simple and quick to make. They can refrigerate for a few days if you’d like to take a couple at a time each day. They pair well with a side of roasted asparagus and some bread warm from the oven. This…

Monday’s Happenings

Hi Everyone! I’m trying out a new concept of having a post every Monday on Monday’s happenings for the week, a “what the weekend was like” or whatever projects are going on at Gina’s Cottage in New England for the week. Hope you enjoy this new weekly post. Please feel free to drop in a…

Gluten-Free Petit Fours

In my household, we have always loved our mid-afternoon tea time. We used to do daily when my children were younger and would return home after school and my husband returned home from work. By the time my children were older and away at college, that tradition changed except for an occasion here and there….