Kitchen Renovation

The process of redoing our kitchen has begun! I’m excited to finally see some changes being made. We’re making aesthetic & affordable changes and what a difference it’s making. We’re giving ourselves 6 months to do this project, so we can do this in stages and continue with other projects we’re doing as well. We can also watch our budget too.

What started the project sooner was the water damage we had due to a leak from our dishwasher. After it was repaired, we set to work on our “rescue renovation” (as my husband calls it)! We began by tearing out the bottom cabinets near the dishwasher, which included the sink, 2 smaller cabinets, and a corner cabinet. The floor was repaired underneath, including the subfloor! What a project!! My husband set to work on the repairs working from early in the morning til late at night and after work on the weekday evenings. We were without a functioning kitchen for 6 days! Luckily, we have a finished basement & counters in our laundry room & I made a make-shift kitchen for those days. We made it into a camping experience & had fun with it! The whole house was a disaster (thank goodness no one stopped by, during those days!), and the kitchen was sealed off with covers of heavy plastic & there was proper ventilation. We took precaution!

The cleanup was exhausting, but well worth it! Everything was deep cleaned & put back together. The set up has stayed the same, and we’re still in the process of painting cabinets & walls. We’ll be installing a new backsplash this weekend. We looked everywhere for a genuine brick background that was affordable, but decided on a temporary fix of a faux stone/brick panel, while shopping for the bricks. I would really prefer to use recycled materials, so still searching. On Craigslist, we discovered some, but not enough for the square footage needed. The search continues… I’ll update on the backsplash soon.

Here are some pictures of the start. We’re doing the Reno in sections.

Note: Some of the cabinets are from a Reno of my mother’s kitchen and were cherry wood. I know people will think I’m crazy for painting over them but I’m a white-kitchen-cabinet kind of gal, and the rest of the kitchen has white cabinets, so I want to keep that theme to match. We’re not replacing all of the cabinets. Her cabinets are top-notch.

The flooring we chose is a gray-colored, wood- like tile. We love it! It’ll match what’s going on throughout the home!

Really enjoying the process! I just love Renos!! Stay tuned for updates throughout!

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